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Make Customers Happier With Your Software Using Spinnaker

Posted by Jenny Medeiros on Aug 29, 2018 7:51:01 PM
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Continuous Delivery (CD) is one of those things that tend to prove beneficial for all parties. For developers, it allows them to push new code without fear. For the end user (your customer), they get exactly what they want: better features, faster updates, and the confidence that you actually listen to their feedback. Everybody wins, right?

Netflix certainly thinks so. With over 100 million loyal subscribers streaming content at any given time, they can’t afford to fail their customers with shoddy service or bad updates. To keep everyone in the green, Netflix teams use Spinnaker, their very own continuous delivery platform which allows them to deploy thousands of times a day without interrupting anyone’s unhealthy content binge.

It would be great to have a large following of customers who adore your product/service as much as everyone loves Netflix. But while that dream may be a ways away, your development team can already deploy new software with the same level of confidence and efficiency as Netflix. Here’s how Spinnaker can help you triple your output and raise your customer’s satisfaction.

1.   Faster feedback builds a better product

With great feedback comes great responsibility. (What do you mean that’s not how the saying goes?)

With CD, developers break down their work into small end-to-end slices which makes it easier to test and fix. Spinnaker then leverages automated testing techniques (like chaos engineering or automated canary analysis) to safely push the release to market so users can give their two cents. This means the feedback loop can happen in a matter of hours, not months.

With a faster feedback loop, teams can incorporate customer feedback quicker and with less hassle, since smaller changes deployed frequently makes it easier to troubleshoot issues. This results in a product that is better optimized for the customer as real metrics and insight allow your team to fine-tune popular features and stop wasting time on less useful ones.

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2.   Stable software = happy customers

Have you ever experienced a software glitch while watching a series on Netflix? We haven’t either. With Spinnaker making Netflix look this good, various other companies adopted the platform to ensure their own software releases don’t interrupt their customer’s activities. (As can you.)

In Spinnaker’s ebook on Continuous Delivery, the authors tout a major reason the platform helps reduce deployment risk: automation. By replacing manual error-prone processes with automated workflows, Spinnaker stops flawed software from being deployed and ensures your team never reaches the dreaded state where systems are down and your customers are negatively impacted.

Here’s a real-life example for you. In our post about how Waze and Netflix use Spinnaker to deploy software quickly and reliably, Waze recalls how they had trouble catching errors before they reached the customer due to complex, multi-cloud deployments. Spinnaker was specifically designed to handle cloud deployments in a native manner, so once Waze adopted the platform, it became much easier to test, deploy, and monitor their builds. If something did go wrong, they could simply roll back at the click of a button.

3.   Greater customer focus and innovation

The great thing about CD is it allows developers to get closer to the customer. With Spinnaker ensuring safe passage for fully tested software and customers able to give frequent feedback, developers have the chance to really understand what the users need and create new features customers didn’t even know they needed.

How do you think Netflix came up with the “Skip intro” button? They listened to their users and worked to get a stable feature out sooner rather than later. That’s customer focus at its finest.

On another note, since releases are safer, largely automated, and practically a non-event; developers have all the time they need to focus on the “next big thing” and drive innovation.

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