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Convince Your Manager To Send You To Spinnaker Summit

Posted by Jenny Medeiros on Sep 12, 2018 6:24:18 PM
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Case studies from the biggest tech companies, keynotes by Netflix, hands-on workshops led by experts, and a Google-sponsored lounge party? That's enough to send anyone (in tech) running to the nearest airport. Although while you're already making mental lists of what to pack, your manager will likely need a bit more convincing.

Spinnaker Summit is the event of the year for organizations and anyone invested in adopting open source platforms for better software delivery and management. With the main focus on the very platform responsible for over 4,000 deployments over at Netflix, this is an exciting opportunity that would make zero sense for your organization to skip.

Although it's never easy to convince penny-pinchers, so here's a breakdown of all the reasons they should send you to Seattle this October. (We'll even throw in an email template you can simply copy/paste and smugly email to your manager.)

1. Keep up with the latest trends in DevOps

With more than 35 sessions including keynotes, hands-on breakouts and expert panels, Spinnaker Summit is the perfect opportunity to sit in awe as DevOps leaders and software influencers share the latest trends in the industry. 

From top Netflix Engineer Andy Glover to Principal Technologist at AWS Alolita Sharma, this two-day summit (October 8-9) will be absolutely brimming with knowledge surrounding the open source CD platform, Spinnaker, along with best practices for effective software delivery and management. 

If your manager doesn't immediately jump at the opportunity, remind them that the software industry is always evolving and this summit will give your organization the tools to evolve with it. (Not to mention the consequences of falling behind will be painfully apparent on the organization's bottom line.) 

2. Train and solve challenges with the help of industry leaders

Imagine being able to ask the Netflix Engineer who worked on the Spinnaker UI how to customize the interface to your organization's needs? Or getting help from an Armory.io Community Engineer to solve a CD pipeline problem your dev team is currently struggling with? 

From Google Engineer Lars Wander leading a workshop on deployment workflow techniques to Mirantis Engineer Reza Roodsari giving a Spinnaker boot camp featuring Kubernetes, you could walk away with the keys to solving your team's biggest challenges (which more than pays for the cost of the summit).

With hands-on sessions and even office hours to solve all your CI/CD and multi-cloud deployment woes, you simply must take advantage of these unique training opportunities to enhance your organization's software delivery processes. 

3. Make new business connections

No manager can resist the idea of networking with the best and brightest in the industry. Spinnaker Summit is set to bring together the growing open source community including developers, architects, delivery managers, and Fortune 100 companies.

From training sessions and panels to sociable lunch hours and after-work hangouts, there's no shortage of opportunities to shake hands with the right people and take a business card or two. 

Whether you chat with a potential investor or pocket the number of a qualified developer looking for a new role, Spinnaker Summit is the ideal place for building your network and putting your organization's name out there. Make it known to your manager that you'll be surrounded by similar people and companies with similar business needs and challenges, with whom you'll be able to connect with and learn from.

4. Showcase your company

If becoming a formidable asset armed with the skills and knowledge to help your organization grow and innovate isn't a strong enough argument, it's worth mentioning that Spinnaker Summit provides a golden opportunity to showcase your organization's thought leadership in this fast-growing industry.

It could be an in-house plugin or a particular tech stack you've been using to solve a specific challenge. Whatever you've found to work, here is where you can share that experience with similar companies and open yourself to mutually beneficial working relationships.

If you're a seasoned Spinnaker platform user, then consider submitting a topic while the call for speakers is still open. 

Download the letter to convince your manager

We trust we've given you pretty solid reasons to buy your way into the Spinnaker Summit, but as promised, here's the email template to send your manager. All you have to do is fill in a few specific details and you're all set.

Once you've sent it off and (hopefully) received a glowing response telling you to clear your calendar on November 16-17, register here to secure your full-access pass. 

See you there?

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