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Meet the Speaker: Miles Matthias from Container Heroes

Posted by Jenny Medeiros on Oct 30, 2019 12:45:00 PM
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In keeping with our mission to bring the Spinnaker community closer, here's another chat with one of our upcoming speakers. From his proudest accomplishment to what series he'll be referencing in his Summit talk slides, here are some interesting tidbits you didn't know about Miles Matthias.


Tell us a bit about your background. How did you end up consulting for Google?

I'm one of the owners at Container Heroes, a GCP partner that consults inside and outside of Google, so I spend a bunch of time with them, but I'm not a full-time employee. I decided to jump into consulting after spending several years building custom web and mobile applications for all sorts of companies, and serving as co-founder/CTO of a VC-backed company. I love traveling and helping people, so consulting was a natural fit for me.

So Container Heroes is a cloud consultancy company. What else should we know about it?

We help all sorts of companies modernize their applications and infrastructure with Terraform, Kubernetes, Bazel, and CI/CD. I'm one of four partners, all of us have consulted large enterprises individually and been CTOs of companies. Together, and with our large network of specialized engineers, we can handle clients of any size. We also have several hosted products in the works, all things to help companies modernize their application development, monitoring, and security, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with our releases.

What would you say is your proudest accomplishment so far?

Tough question! I've done a bunch of things, but the one that makes me happiest is connecting people and participating in communities. Amazing, talented people can get such a boost in an instant with the right introduction, so if I can play a role in that, it makes me smile. For example, back when I was a CTO, I started monthly informal lunches in Boulder for engineering leaders to give each other advice. Fast forward a few years, and it's now a global community with dozens of local lunch chapters at CTO Lunches.

Also, one accomplishment I think Spinnaker Summit attendees would be interested in is the Bazel GKE demo I created and is now open sourced under GCP's official GitHub handle. It's a demonstration of how you can use the Bazel build system to not only build your applications, but create Docker images of them and deploy them to Kubernetes in one "bazel build" command. It's a pretty slick setup for companies looking for an ultra-fast CI/CD setup.


Important question: what was the last series you binge-watched?

I'm a huge New Girl fan, I've re-watched it a million times. You're likely to see a reference in my talk slides :)

Speaking of your talk, we're excited that you're joining us at this year's Spinnaker Summit! What are you looking forward to the most?

I'm looking forward to meeting the community in person! Spinnaker has been really cool to be a part of on GitHub and Slack, so meeting people in person will be really exciting. (I'm also pumped to get back to San Diego. Haven't been in a long time!)

In your upcoming session, you'll be talking about "Monitoring Spinnaker with Prometheus Operator on GKE". Why is this a must-see session and what will be the most important takeaway for attendees?

My talk will help people who find themselves in two scenarios:

1. You're running Spinnaker on Kubernetes and want to get fancy graphs and alerts for Spinnaker usage and resource metrics, allowing you to monitor Spinnaker as an application and notice when end users might need your help.

2. You run your applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters and want to be able to Canary test an application with Prometheus metrics on any of your clusters, not just the one Spinnaker is running on.

I'm the author of the Prometheus Operator setup script in the Spinnaker documentation, so I can answer your questions about that. I also hope to touch on some of the work in progress regarding a "runbook" of dealing with different situations you may run into while using Spinnaker in your organization. In other words, helping to answer the question "What should I do when this metric does this?"


Help a shy attendee out. If someone wants to approach you at the Summit, what's a good ice-breaker they can use?

Tell me where you flew in from, and on what airline and plane. I'm a big aviation and airline point/status nerd, and I love traveling!

Any words of encouragement for readers wondering about joining the Spinnaker community?

I've gotten the chance to work really closely with the Google Spinnaker team and the community at large, and everyone I've met has been nothing but nice. PRs and issues are always welcome and thoughtfully reviewed and responded to, so even though it can be scary, just know your contributions will be welcomed and assisted. (You can start by joining the Spinnaker Slack channel.)

What's the best way for fellow event-goers to reach you?


All the ways!
instagram.com/miles_matthias (for plane pictures!) :)



We're looking forward to meeting Miles at this year's Spinnaker Summit, and hope to see you there too! Don't forget to add his upcoming talk to your calendar and, if you haven't already, grab your seat at the Spinnaker Summit while they're still available. Click on the button below to register.




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