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Scopely - Delivering Games with Spinnaker

Scopely is a mobile games publisher and developer that aims to provide diverse, immersive experiences for both casual and hardcore gamers. Founded in 2011, they boast multiple studios in six countries and their top-grossing mobile games have reached millions of users worldwide.

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Chaos Monkey And Spinnaker

Image credit: Charles Daoud

Ever heard of Netflix's Simian Army?

It represents the collection of tools Netflix has been arming themselves with since 2011 to test the AWS infrastructure. These unusual tools are open source, widely adaptable, and a wonderfully chaotic way to test software for operational vulnerabilities.

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3 Promising Reasons Why Spinnaker Makes Multi-Cloud Deployments Safer

Since 2017, enterprises have been investing in a multi-cloud strategy for higher availability of applications and to avoid vendor lock-in. While that's all well and good for the enterprises, it's not very fun for the DevOps teams who are left configuring and customizing specific deployments for different cloud environments.

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