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Chaos Monkey And Spinnaker

Image credit: Charles Daoud

Ever heard of Netflix's Simian Army?

It represents the collection of tools Netflix has been arming themselves with since 2011 to test the AWS infrastructure. These unusual tools are open source, widely adaptable, and a wonderfully chaotic way to test software for operational vulnerabilities.

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How 3 Major Teams Resolved Their Cloud Deployment Headaches With Spinnaker


In 2015, Netflix released Spinnaker in an effort to share the joy of predictable deployments. Today, dozens of Global 2,000 companies use Spinnaker to automate deployments across multiple cloud targets with more confidence and velocity than ever before. 

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3 Promising Reasons Why Spinnaker Makes Multi-Cloud Deployments Safer

Since 2017, enterprises have been investing in a multi-cloud strategy for higher availability of applications and to avoid vendor lock-in. While that's all well and good for the enterprises, it's not very fun for the DevOps teams who are left configuring and customizing specific deployments for different cloud environments.

Convince Your Manager To Send You To Spinnaker Summit

Case studies from the biggest tech companies, keynotes by Netflix, hands-on workshops led by experts, and a Google-sponsored lounge party? That's enough to send anyone (in tech) running to the nearest airport. Although while you're already making mental lists of what to pack, your manager will likely need a bit more convincing.

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Does Your Team Have What It Takes To Work With DevOps?

4 Best Automated Deployment Tools For Stress-Free Software Releases

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Spinnaker vs Jenkins for Continuous Delivery

The debate of Jenkins vs Spinnaker as a Continuous Delivery (CD) tool has been making rounds for quite some time. Many are happy to use them together since Spinnaker has a native Jenkins API to delegate compilation and packaging, but once Jenkins 2.0 was released with an added focus on CD, it became fuzzy how Spinnaker really measured up. So here's a breakdown for you.

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Interview With A Netflix UI Engineer: Spinnaker, Upcoming Features, and How To Improve Developer Efficiency


Archana Sankaranarayanan is a senior UI Engineer at Netflix where she builds tools to improve development velocity and obsesses over creating simple, intuitive, and accessible interfaces. Before settling into her enviable position at Netflix, she lent her expertise on style guides to build interfaces for Coursera, Quantifind, and Adobe.

3 Fool-Proof Reasons Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker is Good for Business


If you’re in the business of building and delivering software-services then you’ve probably already entertained the idea of Continuous Delivery (CD).

Here’s How Netflix-Made ‘Spinnaker’ for Continuous Delivery Can Grow Your Career

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